Tuesday, December 26, 2017

There's No Such Thing as Santa Claus or a Bad Elvis Movie! May as Well Watch an Elvis Movie!

All you need to know is that this involves an all female dude ranch and  Elvis! Does it get any campier than that!? Okay here's more....

My goodness what a life Elvis had

 More on Tickle Me~ via the always awsome WiKi: onnie Beale (Elvis), an out-of-work rodeo star with a heart of gold, is trying to make ends meet until the season starts up again. He comes to the town of Zuni Wells (a fictional town somewhere in the American West) because a friend says Lonnie can get a job on a ranch, but his friend is nowhere to be found.
Having no other option, Lonnie begins singing in a local club, but he gets fired after a fight with one of the customers. Vera Radford (Adams) sees his performance and offers a job at a ranch she runs called the Circle-Z to take care of the horses. The Circle-Z is not what Lonnie expected, though; it is a guest ranch where actresses and models go to lose weight and to get in shape, a fitness salon, referred to as "Yogurt Gulch."

Now normally I only share movies you can watch free on YouTube, but it's available to rent for $2.99 on YouTube and hey its not like you pay to look at YouTube very often! 

Here's a trailer! 

When's the best time to shop for Christmas? Why the day after of course! Get ready for next year now and order all your friends and co workers this delightful Elvis nutcracker!
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

" The Hitch-Hiker " on 31 Days of Classic Horror Films

The film opens with a wordless prologue obscured by darkness. The eponymous killer, posing as a hitchhiker, goes on a murderous spree. His body count climbs but is hidden offscreen, suggested by a woman’s purse falling from a car or an ominous shadow cutting across car door. Neither the killer (renamed Emmett Myers and played with psychotic quiet by William Talman) nor the extent of his crimes are revealed until he’s picked up on a pitch-black highway by two unwary fisherman, Gilbert Bowen (Frank Lovejoy) and Roy Collins (noir veteran Edmond O’Brien). From this simple premise - three men, one gun, and a car on the border to Mexico - Lupino spins a story of survival and sadism. 

Read more HERE in this great little piece about female film maker and Ida Lupino. I always say " I could hang out on my film blog and write about movies, TV shows and anything related all day " 

I also chose this film to tease my editor on Xanaland who goes by the name Hitch Hiker on social media...gotcha 
girl ha ha ha! 

Enjoy tonight's movie and don't forget to subscribe for more classic horror movies this month! 

In case you don't have a fireplace....

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