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100 Macabre Songs for Your Halloween Playlist~Including All the Dark Soundtrack Songs We Wait All Year to Play!

As I was making a playlist  for Xanaland's upcoming party that we have monthly for our local musicians and friends, I realized I had actually come up with a great song list that must be shared. It was super fun to make and tells me a lot about myself, as I have special memories that go with many of the songs. I originally had 130, but narrowed it down to the 100 best. I chose music in the beginning that would be sort of the Halloween cooking music, if you will, and then got more into the traditional Halloween classics like The Munsters theme song, and found some great vintage goodies like the ones used in spooky Betty Boop cartoons; then it goes into the best songs from dark movie soundtracks, like the song by Tito Y Tarantula: After Dark,which is featured in Robert Rodriguez/Tarantino's "From Dusk Till Dawn ."

I've included a few of the links to songs 
on youtube, but as you know, you won't 
be able to see them from an iPhone! 

I looked for songs in Beetlejeuce, Near Dark (one of my favorite vampire movies), and even The Exorcist, but decided to stick to sexy, bluesy, and stuff people can dance to, and songs that are not so abstract that they won't be recognized. "Time Warp,"  from the sexy, spooky cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, for instance, was an obvious must-have, as well as a few from the king of great soundtracks himself: Danny Elfman, in everyone's favorite Halloween soundtrack, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There are also some classic rock songs, like 'Riders on the Storm,' that have just always had that dark element, making them perfect for a Halloween playlist. It ends with some songs that, after three hours of Halloween music, wind down to a nice relaxing flow with classic macabre movie songs like Cat Stevens' 'If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out,' featured in the always creepy love story, Harold & Maude. It's also a good way to test your friends as to what songs are in what movies! I made my list permanent on the newly-revamped Rhapsody, which I highly recommend for such lists, as well as created a playlist on our youtube channel, which has about 95 of the songs -- some I couldn't find. I'd love to hear more if there are any that I missed, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the  comments~ Enjoy! 

1. Nightmare on Elm Street theme~Charles Bernstein
2. I Put A Spell on You~Nina Simone 
3. Paint it Black~Rolling Stones 
4. Monster Mash~Bobby Pickett 
5. Werewolves of London~Warren Zevon 
6. Walking With a Ghost~White Stripes
7. Jack's Lament~Danny Elfman 
8. Theme from The Munsters~Jack Marshall
9. I Was a Teenage Werewolf~The Cramps
10. I'm Your Witch Doctor~Them ( Motorhead also covers this! )

11. Oogie Boogie Song (Nightmare Before Christmas) by Ken Page 
12. Bloodletting~Concrete Blonde 
13. Welcome to My Nightmare~Alice Cooper
14. Twilight Zone theme~The Ventures 
15. Castin' My Spell~Johnny Otis 
16. That Little Ol' Graverobber Me~Don Hinson
17. (Don't Fear) The Reaper~Blue Oyster Cult 
18. Devil Woman~Cliff Richards 
19. Scary Monsters~David Bowie 
20. Zombie Dance~The Cramps
21. Screaming Skull~ The Fleshtones 
22. Werewolf~The Frantics
23. Be True to Your Ghoul~The Ghouls 

24. She Put a Hex on You~Them 
25. Theme From Rosemary's Baby~
26. Witchcraft~The Spiders 
27. This is Halloween~Nightmare Before Christmas 
28. Sweet Transvestite~Tim Curry 
29. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)~Meat Loaf ~fom Rocky Horror
30. Sympathy for the Devil~Jane's Addiction version
31. Bela Lugosi's Dead~Bauhaus
32. Tarantula~This Mortal Coil 
33. Walking Spanish~Tom Waits 

34. Soul Love~David Bowie & the Spiders From Mars 
35. Night Beat~Roy Gaines 
36. Skeleton in the Closet~Louie Armstrong 
37. The Wobblin' Goblin~Rosemary Clooney 
38. Little Red Riding Hood~The Meteors 
39. She's My Witch~Kip Tyler
40. The Boogie Man~The Cadillac's 
41. Ghost Town~The Specials 

42. Death Have Mercy~Vera Hall 
43. The Cat~Rod Willis 
44. Vampire~The Crystals
45. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'?~Rolling Stones 
46. I've Got You Under My Skin~Cab Calloway 
47. Witchcraft~Frank Sinatra 
48. Boris the Spider~The Who 
49. Spooky~Atlantic Rhythm Section
50. Love Song For a Vampire~Annie Lennox ~from Bram Stokers Dracula 
51. Time Is On My Side~Fallen ~Rolling Stones 
56. Change (In The House of Flies)~Deftones for Queen of the Dammed
57. Dead Souls~NIN~Joy Division cover for The Crow 
58. The Cure~Disintegration 

59. Kangaroo~This Mortal Coil 
60. Thriller~Michael Jackson 
61. Weird Science~Onigo Boingo 
62. Mexican Radio~Wall of Voodoo 
63. Riders on the Storm~The Doors 
64. The Crystal Ship~The Doors 
65. Corpse Grinder~The Meteors 
66. Psychotic Reaction~The Vibrators 
67. She's Wicked~The Fuzztones 
68. Graveyard~Leroy Bowman 

69. Party Time~from Night of the Living Dead
70. Gloria~Shadow of Night 
71. Fever~The Black Keys 
72. Feeling Good~Muse 
73. Wicked Annabella~The Kinks 
74. The Witch~The Cult
75. Fever~Ray Charles ( I also like the Elvis version ) 
76. Superstition~Stevie Wonder
77. Little Ghost~The White Stripes 
78. Devil With a Blue Dress~Mitch Ryder 
79. Baby Please Don't Go~ from Wild at Heart by Paul Revere and the Raiders
80. Black Betty~Ram Jam 
80. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny~Tim Roth for Pulp Fiction 
81. Misirlou~(surf song from Pulp Fiction in intro) by Dick Dale 
82. Cry Little Sister~from The Lost Boys by Gerard McMann
83. People Are Strange~The Doors 

84. Hurt~Johnny Cash version 
85. God's Gonna Cut You Down~Johnny Cash 
86. After Dark~Tito y Tarantula 
87. Bang Bang~Kill Bill 
88. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood~Jackie Brown movie 
89. Sweet Jane~Natural Born Killers~by The Cowboy Junkies 
90. Color Me Once~Violent Femmes for The Crow 
91. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out~Cat Stevens for Harold & Maude 
92. Falling~Twin Peaks 

93. Lykke Li~Possibility~From the Twilight Movie-New Moon 
94. Don't Let it Bring You Down~Annie Lennox for American Beauty 
95. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues~Oh Brother Where Art Thou by Chris Thomas King
96. Skylark~KD Lang for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 
97. Blue Velvet~Bobby Vinton 
98. In Dreams~Roy Orbison for Blue Velvet 
99. Wicked Game~Chris Issak for Wild at Heart 
100. The End~The Doors 

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