Saturday, April 19, 2014

Decameroticus on Strange and Silly Movie Weekend~Rated R~

I know what you're thinking, that 70's porn. Yeah, pretty much and a ridiculous plot to boot~Via WiKi~

Decameroticus is a film of 1972 directed by Pier Giorgio Ferretti .
Inspired by the tales of Boccaccio , Aretino and Bandello , is divided into five episodes, in which the main theme is that of the cuckolded husband.
In the episode The cucumber Ciccillo , the husband becomes beak trusting that a cucumber, peddled by the magician and healer Ciccillo, as a panacea for all problems of women, will be the antidote to cure the terrible boredom of his wife.

I think it's safe to say the person who wrote this has some serious issues. 

If you managed to sit through this, let us know how much of and what kind of drugs made this possible! 

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