Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Beach Girls & the Monster on Strange and Silly Movie Weekend

Oh you bet you're gonna wish you went to film school after you see this! 

I mean who didn't dream about making their own beach monster movie?! It just doesn't seem fair! Here's what WiKi had to say about this almost cult classic 

Interesting production facts~

The surfing footage, used for the scene where Richard runs a film for Mark was shot by one of the most prolific surf filmmakers of the 1960s, Dale Davis, who produced Walk on the Wet SideStrictly Hot, and the landmark The Golden Breed. For some release prints, the footage was printed in color.
According to the trailer for the film, the dancing girls seen in the movie are "The Watusi Dancing Girls" from Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go club on Sunset Boulevard.[1]
Most of the interior shots - specifically all those of the Lindsay home - were shot at the West Los Angeles (Brentwood) residence of Henry and Shirley Rose, friends of the producer, Edward Janis. Shirley Rose was also the film's art director. The office scene was shot at the business office of Henry Rose.
All the sculptures and the 'Kingsley the Lion' puppet used in the film, were created by the actor who played Mark - Walker Edmiston, the host of "The Walker Edmiston Show", a children's television program in Los Angeles that featured puppets of his own creation including 'Kingsley the Lion.

interesting soundtrack facts~ 

The score for The Beach Girls and the Monster was arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle, and a few of the musicians assembled for the soundtrack were members of the surf band The Hustlers (who are known for their songs "Kopout," "Inertia" and "Wailin’ Out") from Riverside, California.[3] In the book, Pop Surf Culture, written by Brian Chidesterand Dominic Priore, the soundtrack of The Beach Girls and the Monster "has got to rank up there among the best … no fewer than 13 different sections of full-bore, deep-reverb tank surf instrumentals throb the soundtrack". The theme song, titled "Dance Baby Dance," was written by Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Joan Janis, and produced by Edward Janis. Arnold Lessing, who plays Richard, wrote the song he sings in the film, "More Than Wanting You." Walker Edmiston and Elaine DuPont, who play Mark and Jane respectively, wrote "There's a Monster in the Surf."

Enjoy this B Movie like you would if it was your own!

Decameroticus on Strange and Silly Movie Weekend~Rated R~

I know what you're thinking, that 70's porn. Yeah, pretty much and a ridiculous plot to boot~Via WiKi~

Decameroticus is a film of 1972 directed by Pier Giorgio Ferretti .
Inspired by the tales of Boccaccio , Aretino and Bandello , is divided into five episodes, in which the main theme is that of the cuckolded husband.
In the episode The cucumber Ciccillo , the husband becomes beak trusting that a cucumber, peddled by the magician and healer Ciccillo, as a panacea for all problems of women, will be the antidote to cure the terrible boredom of his wife.

I think it's safe to say the person who wrote this has some serious issues. 

If you managed to sit through this, let us know how much of and what kind of drugs made this possible! 

Invasion of the Bee Girls on Strange and Silly Movie Weekend

Also appropriately re-titled "Graveyard Tramps" in the U.K., this too bad to even be a B Movie will make you wish you went to film school! 

I was actually surprised that there was a WiKi page for this! Here is their brief summary of the movie~

The premise of the movie is that a mad scientist (played by Anitra Ford) has created an army of beauties who seduce men to death. One by one the male victims are killed before the local police catch on to the plans of the infested females. Neil Agar, a special agent with the State Department's Office of Security (the predecessor of the Diplomatic Security Service), is dispatched to Peckham, California to investigate the death of John Grubowsky, a bacteriologist working at government-sponsored Brandt Research. Quickly making the acquaintance of the laboratory’s head librarian, Julie Zorn, he begins interviewing the firm’s leading scientists, many of whom have reputations as sexual players. His investigation is soon complicated by a growing number of deaths, all men who died of congestive heart failure caused by sexual exhaustion. 

Faced with a rapidly escalating body count, the local sheriff, Captain Peters, holds a town meeting at which the laboratory’s leading sex researcher, Henry Murger, urges the town populace to practice sexual abstinence – an idea greeted with derision by the locals. Neil and Julie arrange a meeting with Murger afterwards to discuss his theories as to the cause of his deaths, only to see him chased down and run over by a car with an unseen driver. While investigating Murger’s home in search of clues, Neil discovers a secret room concealing sexual paraphernalia and Murger’s gay lover, Joe, who informs Neil that he saw Murger driving off with an unknown woman prior to his death.

Watch if you dare! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Revenge of the Virgins on Strange and Silly Movie Weekend

Movies that make you say, wtf? 

Via WiKi~ 

Revenge of the Virgins is a 1959 American nudie cutie film directed by Peter Perry Jr. aka Bethel Buckalew. It is a bizarre western nude film in which a tribe of topless female Indian warriors guard a treasure against trespassers. Tenderfoot Burton and his wife join forces with an old prospector to search for the rich gold strike of which the old-timer claims to know. Along with a couple of no-account gunslingers, they ride deep into the mountains to find the gold, unaware that the treasure is guarded by an all-female tribe of deadly, beautiful, and topless Indians. 

Sounds Delightful! Let's check it out! 

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