Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hug Hug Kiss Kiss Ta Ta Shirley Temple! The World Says Goodbye to The Littlest Rebel

When I heard Shirley Temple died today, it didn't affect me in any way. But as I looked for photographs and links to share, feeling more obliged than anything to write about it, I found myself in a very vulnerable place and was suddenly ten years old again and watching a Shirley Temple movie with my grandma. I thought "Oh no, I have no time for this nostalgia today!" Within twenty minutes into 'The Littlest Rebel,' I had tear-soaked cheeks. The part where she paints her face black to hide from the Yankees is adorable. 

I remember her hats most of all. I especially loved her sailor outfit and hat. I also remember my grandmother singing this while she was cooking. It's funny when you think of the stuff that used to come on TV on weekends. It was stuff like this, not Jersey Shores. Saying goodbye to Shirley is saying goodbye to another part of a lost era where candy canes, hats, and good dancing shoes meant something.

More popular than Cary Grant and Clark Gable, Fox studios was saved by her box office rankings. A product of the depression, she was the one thing sure to cheer folks up and give them something to dream about. The entire world -- young and old, rich and poor, loved their little darling, Shirley Temple.

For less than a dollar, you could sit in a movie theater, eat popcorn, drink soda, and forget about your problems in the world of one girl with a huge smile and never ending energy and enthusiasm. Her mom was said to have danced with a tambourine with her to instill a sense of rhythm. This video has her dressed as an old woman and singing of what it would be like to grow old, and how it must be nice to have nothing to do but rock, rock, rock..

She could dance before she could sing and remembered all the lines for all the other cast members. Gracious and always polite, she was a favorite of many of the big stars to work with. Goodbye to a beautiful soul who surely is tap dancing away someplace else with her always childlike innocence.

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