Friday, February 7, 2014

14 Days of Strange Love with Harold & Maude~ Don't Be Shy, You Know You Love This Movie.

If you want to be free, be free. What a concept. If you haven't seen and do not love Harold and Maude, then something's wrong with you and you should find it and watch it immediately! 

 I don't think another movie has even attempted to duplicate even one of the delicate aspects of this movie, much less several. Faking suicides. Overbearing wealthy mothers have never been depicted so perfectly. And the romance that blossoms between these two unique human beings is simply beautiful. 

Harold's fascination with the macabre perfectly mirrors Maude's quirky outlook on life. She shows him how to "make the most"  out of life on this planet through art and music, namely learning to play the banjo. 

And what an ending -- her "lovely farewell," not so much a suicide as a carefully planned and well-lived life. May we all have the open mind to live and love this freely. 

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