Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sexiest Movie About a Violin Ever, Fact not opinion: The Red Violin

Now look, this one is not even debatable! I have seen this movie countless times and it never gets old, I am also not wasting mine or yours time with a fancy review, when WiKi already did it for me! 

Here you go get caught up:

Again its greatly informative and interesting , the theme in this about the tarot cards is beautifully explained with cards for reference, its quite amazing, so please take a quick read even if you have seen it! 

Poor little Kasper Weiss, he never had a chance against that vampirish Prince! 

A scene from the Red Violin, Kaper Weiss, musical prodigy goes to Vienna: 

And then the gypsies came....

and of course there is a villian and of course it's played by Samuel L. Jackson, I know ridiculous, he kinda pulls it off, the rest of the movie is beautiful and full of some of the sexiest violin music you will ever hear! 

take a listen....

enjoy and have a beautiful and romantic Soundtrack Sunday! 

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