Sunday, June 9, 2013

We Cant Stop Here! This Is Bat Country! A Moment with Gonzo on Soundtrack Sunday

Those that know me know that I love Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp, what I do not " love" is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I'm no film critic and were were all in love with Benicio at one time or another so don't give me the old " What about Benicio" routine!

What I do LOVE though is this documentary called ' Gonzo ' free to watch online or you can buy it here! In any case, it has some narrrating by Johnny Depp, exerpts from the movie, but also it has some  stuff no other documentaries or youtube interviews have, like interviews with both his wives, and the amazing Ralph Steadman who did all his artwork

I much rather enjoyed Johnny reading and talking about Hunter, it was a fresh take on it and didn't make me feel like I was tripping balls when I watched it!


as read by Johnny Depp

Here is a trailer for Gonzo

and my favorite song from fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Have a great Sunday fellow Soundtrack lovers! 

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