Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Scoops Por Favor: Get a Part in Robert Rodriguez's New Movie!

This could be your big break. Robert Rodriguez is holding auditions for a part in his upcoming short filmTwo Scoops. Rodriguez, along with Troublemaker Studios, is joining forces with Blackberry for Project Green Screen.
Two Scoops is about two twin sisters, Electra and Elise Avellan, who work in an ice cream truck by day and fight other worldly monsters at night. They are hot on the trail of the monster that killed their father.

Rodriguez has left three scenes open for the part of the girl’s agent who briefs them on their mission. If you are chosen, the video you submit will be put in the scene. So you’re directing yourself. You can also send in a still picture of yourself as a possible missing person that will also be inserted into the film.
So how do you get your mug in Two Scoops.  Go here to download the script for Act 1, learn your lines, find your costume, shoot it with your favorite device (smartphone is fine too) and then upload your scene to your YouTube channel and then submit the URL to the Keep It Moving Site . The deadline for submissions is April 3.
So good luck out there and go act your fanny off. Or not. Be subtle. Or be method. Whatever works for you.
Watch Robert Rodriguez tell you how to audition for the part of an agent and the missing person.

Source: JoBlo

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