Friday, April 19, 2013

" Weird Science " Remake Confirmed!

Is nothing sacred?!?!
On the back of countless ‘classic’ films being remade, it has now gotten to the stage where John Hughes’ iconic Weird Science is next for the remake treatment. Deadline reported the sad news earlier today, with the film being made by Universal and Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures. Michael Bacall is already working on the script.
Apparently, the remake will be an edgier R-rated version of the concept, and Bacall has been brought on board for his work on the relaunching of 21 Jump Street. The one saving grace is that Bacall also worked on Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
The original 1985 Weird Science is part of ’80′s pop culture. It was another brilliant film from the mind of John Hughes; the man responsible for the likes of The Breakfast ClubSixteen CandlesPretty in PinkSt. Elmo’s FireUncle Buck and Home AloneWeird Science told the story of a couple of geeky teenagers who take inspiration from Frankenstein to create their perfect woman. using their computer. This leads to the local jocks becoming jealous, with various mishaps and commotion occurring along the way. The film would also spawn a 1994 TV series of the same name.
The original film featured Hughes stalwart Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell Smith, Kelly LeBrock and a certain Robert Downey Jr. It was also produced by the aforementioned Joel Silver.
I wasn’t even going to post any more articles tonight – I’m knee-deep in a 4,000 word Superman piece – but the sad news of a Weird Science remake forced my hand.
I swear to God, if anybody touches The Breakfast Club then I’m gonna start cracking skulls…

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